What have you learned by playing the game again and making different choices?

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Did you choose different solutions? If so, what did you choose and what was the outcome?


Tried them all. Doing nothing was more effective than I expected. The traps and poison caused a pyric victories. The fence was tried first and worked well enough.


Thanks for the tips, gonna tried it tomorrow.


I chose the trap as a method to get medicine without killing the animal. I was thinking that the engineer would figure out how to make a more effective one, but it turned out to be a poor decision as the traps were ineffective and people went cold and hungry during the winter. :(

The fence was my second preferred option and worked well - I'm surprised the construction guy was able to build both the houses and the fence, as he was so against spending time on the fence in the first place.

Have yet to try other options! I wonder what happens when nothing is done - will go back and find out.

Alistarius Dridonius

I loved doing this game, Because the story was great, the whole way you structured the game was fantastic, and how it welded problem solving skills into it, I learnt alot. And keep making more great games!