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Explore the many wonderful and creative ways Quandary is being used in and out of classrooms.

Quandary for English Language Arts

7th and 9th grade English teacher, John Fallon, explains how Quandary helps his students differentiate facts from opinions, understand others' perspectives, and reflect on their decisions.

"Quandary is really one of the few games that I think is designed for the classroom that really lives up to the hype." - John Fallon, 7th and 9th Grade English Teacher, Fairfield County Day School, CT

Quandary in the computer lab

Cathy explains how Quandary developed an appreciation by her students of how to work together as a team to tackle situations where there are no easy right or wrong answers.

"There were able to actually see the perspectives of their classmates." - Cathy Holmes, K-5 Computer Lab Teacher, Hattie B. Stokes Elementary School, Lebanon, IN

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