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The Quandary app is available for Android and iOS phones via Google Play and the App Store.

Meet our Advisory Board!

We’re thrilled to welcome our Quandary Advisory Board members! Quandary will be better and stronger thanks to their incredible expertise.

We extend a warm welcome to:

  • David Alsdorf
  • Matthew Farber
  • Javier Prieto
  • Kat Schrier
  • Rebecca Turco

New research shows Quandary's effectiveness

University researchers recently completed a nationwide study of Quandary and its research-based curriculum options.

Key findings

  • Increase in fact vs. opinion comprehension
  • Increase in self-reported perspective-taking
  • Increase in prosocial identities (concern for others)
  • Increase in positive perceptions of classroom climate with project-based curriculum
  • Universal teacher satisfaction and high student engagement

Planet Braxos needs your help!

When the people on planet Braxos can’t resolve their dilemmas, they need help from you, their Captain. Settle disputes by considering facts, opinions, and solutions… and shape the future of a new civilization.

A free, nonprofit interactive learning game in ethical decision-making

Quandary engages students in ethical decision-making and develops skills that help them identify and resolve ethical issues in their own lives through engaging story and fun gameplay. There is no one right answer in the game, just as in real life. But each action has consequences that affect the player, others in the community and the planet Braxos.

From the creators of Zoombinis and Lure of the Labyrinth

Quandary was created by an award-winning team of experts across the fields of child development, social and emotional learning, and game design. The Learning Games Network partnered with scholars at Harvard and Tufts University and the MIT Education Arcade to design the game, which was produced by FableVision Studios.

Love for Quandary

  • Teacher Eighth Grade

    “It seems to have hit a lot of that X factor in terms of a good idea, the fantasy element, beautiful artwork, the students really like […] all the different characters, the time of the game play. [It] gets them thinking about ethics and decision-making in a concrete way.”

  • Teacher Seventh Grade

    “I use it every year in my geography curriculum to guide the students though conversations about a fantasy world and their environment, sustainability, and species, and then it’s an easy connection to real ethical issues that we should grapple with on our planet.”

  • John Fallon English Teacher Notre Dame High School in West Haven, CT

    Quandary is really one of the few games that I think is designed for the classroom that really lives up to the hype.”

  • Cathy Holmes Computer Lab Teacher, Hattie B. Stokes Elementary, IN

    “There were able to actually see the perspectives of their classmates.”

  • Teacher Seventh Grade

    Quandary gets my students thinking. It provides great lessons in choice and consequences of decisions.”

  • Most Meaningful Meaningful Play 2012
  • Gold Award Parents' Choice 2013
  • Game of the Year Games for Change 2013
  • Top Pick for Learning Common Sense Education 2018
  • Finalist Japan Prize 2014
  • Silver Award Serious Play 2013

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